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A link in an email...NHDCA (plus a bonus surprise resource!)

When I first started out my journey into teaching with National History Day as project based learning for my 8th grade students, I really was at a loss at where to start. A good friend and colleague sent me a link in my email with no instructions, explanation or anything. It was literally a link in an was

When I clicked on the link and it took me to it was if the heavens opened up, cherubs were flinging arrows at me, and songs were being sung by a proverbial educator angel chorus. In the Teacher Toolkit I found so many ready made materials, links, videos and instructions for both me (as the teacher) and my students!

I highly encourage anyone and everyone to check out (it is also linked in the picture above). New resources are added and updated constantly. I do have a special surprise that I have been given permission to share here! The new and updated 2021 Project Organizer created by NHD-CA's very own Whitney Olson and Anne Olson! You can make your own copy here: Link Here Check it out below, but be sure to make your very own Google Copy with the link to share with your students.

As you move forward on your own National History Day journey in these very uncertain educational times, please don't feel as though you have to reinvent the wheel! I will keep posting and sharing resources that you can use right away whether you are distance teaching/learning, in a hybrid model or back on campus. We are truly better together. Please know that there so many people out there rooting for your and your student's success. We are here for you!

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