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EdTech Tools Explained...

If you have ever been to one of my trainings, you will not be surprised by my top 5 EdTech Tools that are listed on this page.  


My advice to anyone and everyone is to choose your Edtech Tools wisely. When working with students (of all ages), the tool does really have to fit your design of the lesson. 


I often advise teachers to choose one or two EdTech Tools/Apps and really show your students how you are going to have them use it. Students may know the tool, but not the application in your classroom. After you have trained your students on one or two, then introduce a new tool/app for learning.

There are several factors that made me narrow down my Top 5 List:

1) Cost. These are all free (but you can pay for the premium versions if you'd like to).

2) Ability to use with your Learning Management System (LMS). Most integrate with Google Classroom, but ALL work well with any LMS.

3) Ease of use. These are all user friendly.

4) Data. All produce great data that can drive your instruction and personalize learning for all students.

Word of caution: Always "Ask before you App!" Student data privacy is so important. Check with your IT Dept. before using any new app with your students.


I am not paid by, nor am I endorsed by any of the EdTech Tool Companies that I have listed here. I only can attest to the value that they have brought to my training sessions, as well as when I used them in the classroom.

Top  5  EdTech Tools

1. Padlet

This virtual bulletin board is great for collaboration or posting and housing materials. It can be used with students or adults! Even better: it's free!

2. Screencastify

Making a screencast has never been easier! Plus, they save directly to your Google Drive. Easy editing makes for ease of use. Even better: it can link directly to your Google Classroom, Edpuzzle or Wakelet!

3. Mentimeter

Want an easy and fun way to spark engagement with your students or audience? Mentimeter makes it easy to generate WordClouds, conduct a poll, have open-ended questions and more. It's free for unlimited Menti's and you can prep them up to 7 days in advance with the free version. 

4. Edpuzzle

Turn any video or screencast into a lesson! You can easily upload your content and embed questions to check for understanding. Another tip: add clarity along the way with the teacher's voice. This also can be directly linked to your Google Classroom.

5. Quizizz

Want a fun and engaging way for formative and summative assessments? Do you and your students love gamification of learning (plus real data to drive student learning targets?). Quizizz is an amazing tool to do this and more! And of course, it works well with Google Classroom. 

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