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Current Position:

Laurel Aguilar-Kirchhoff is a former history and science educator now serving as a digital learning specialist and professional development coordinator. Laurel works with educators, administrators, and students to successfully integrate educational technology into the curriculum for lasting student learning outcomes. Her areas of expertise include digital citizenship, media literacy, blended learning, curriculum instruction and design, educational law, as well as educational technology and innovation in the classroom. Laurel holds a Master of Science Degree in Education, is a Google Certified Trainer, and Leading Edge Certified Online Blended Teacher.

Certifications and Affiliations: 

Laurel is a nationally certified Leading Edge Online Blended Teacher and a Google Certified Educator/Trainer. Additionally, Laurel holds numerous certifications in digital tools and platforms for student learning. Currently, Laurel serves on the Board of Directors of Inland Area CUE, as serving on the CA State Leadership Team for National History Day-California. Laurel is an ISTE Community Leader and received an award for her service in 2022. Laurel was named the 2022 Administrator of the Year for Inland Area CUE. She was also named the 2023 California Council for the Social Studies Higher Education Teacher of the Year.

Personal Background:

Laurel is the proud mom of two teenage boys who keep her busy with soccer, art, and video games-and of course, homework. As a parent, she knows the value of technology in the classroom, but also the power of communication and support for families at home.

So Why "Lucy?"

Lucy is the nickname that Laurel has been called her entire life by her beloved Grandmother. Gram taught Laurel the value of hard work, kindness, and the magic of Diet Coke.

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