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National History Day

Here's a classic tale from the teaching files...

"So, your Assistant Principal walks into your classroom one day after school..." 

Veteran teachers will immediately know what I mean by this. (Newer teachers-you have been warned! Of course, I am kidding-mostly.)

My AP came into my classroom with a compliment and a question. The compliment I now forget, but the question changed my life. "What do you know about History Day?"

That, my friends, started me on my journey with NHD. Teaching with National History Day in my US History classes changed not only the way that I approached teaching history, but also my own thinking, reading, and "doing" history. 


Explore the resources that I have developed for both students, teachers and coordinators in the blog section. (More resources are provided in section below)

NHD Materials

Over the years I have collected materials that are my tried and true go-to's for teaching with National History Day. While some are materials that I have created, please note the citations for other sources.

In this section, you will find:

1) EdTech & Nat'l History Day Presentation 2020

2) NHD and CLIC...this is CA based for HSS Framework, but has materials applicable anywhere

3) Literacy/PBL connections to NHD projects

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