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Parent's Guide to Distance Learning...

Tonight, I feel like my mug says: "The World's Okayest Mom." I received this mug as a funny gift for Mother's Day a few years ago and have cherished it ever since. Tonight, I struggled with mom-duty as my son and I slogged through MLA citation pages, Geometry, and prep for next week.

I am not (and never have claimed to be) the "World's Best Mom." I am better at the mom-business some days more than others. I am "average/okay" some days more than others. With distance learning, all of those feelings of complacency and normalcy with my "mom-game" have gone out the window. Most days, I am happy that we are alive, relatively well and mentally surviving more than I am worried about grades and missing/late assignments.

I originally created this "Parents Guide to Distance Learning" presentation for a key-note presentation earlier this fall. Since then, I have updated the resources and refreshed it here for you. Please note: take any and all advice with a grain of salt. This is just what has worked (somewhat) for me-and on some days more than others. Take what works for you, ditch the rest.

Parents: you are rocking this! I know it is hard. Give yourself some grace and maybe a hot bubble bath (if that is your self-care jam). It's hard, but I believe in you!

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