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A time for reflection-resources for teaching a respectful and inclusive Thanksgiving (all ages)

A friend reached out last week inquiring if I had some resources and lesson plans to share for teaching Thanksgiving through a culturally responsive and inclusive lens, especially for younger students.

As I pondered her request, I wondered how we can work with students to look at Thanksgiving in the United States through a lens of responsibility, reflection, and still honor what many perceive of as Thanksgiving today, a time for gathering of family and friends.

Thus, the curation began! Here is a Wakelet of resources that I have collected from a variety of sources. I wanted to be sure to include resources that will help teachers consider lesson plans, no matter what the grade level is, through a culturally responsive and multi-faceted lens. This list is not perfect, nor fully developed. As with the LGBTQIA+ teaching resources list from last week, I will continue to add resources to this one as well. Please keep sending resources either through twitter (@Lucykirchh) or emailing me directly (

As Maya Angelou once stated, "Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better." These wise words lend themselves well to our collective approach to teaching and learning for all topics and being inclusive for all narratives in our collective history. I hope that you and yours have a Thanksgiving full of love, peace, and time for reflection.


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