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Life is so very...Lifey

The title for this week's blog post, "Life is very lifey," comes from my good friend and amazing colleague, Dr. LeeAnn Lindsey (@LeeAnn_Edvolve). She credits Nancy Watson (@NancyWTech) for the saying; but to whomever who originally coined this phrase, I send much gratitude! In my mind there has NEVER been a more apt description of this journey we call life. I have found so much peace in this maxim that I wanted to share it (and of course, do my best to cite it!).

Many, many thanks to all of my family, friends, colleagues, #PLN members, and complete strangers that have reached out and offered support, meals, patience and love to both myself and my family. There are so many wonderful people in the world and I appreciate the outpouring of well wishes, shoulders to cry on, stories full of hope and wisdom, tearful laughs shared.

While I would love to share more about my brother's condition, it is truly his journey and tale to tell. I will say that he is still hospitalized and his condition is still dire. This truly is the fight for and of his life; if any one reading this would be inclined, I am sure that all of the positive energy, prayers and supportive sentiments sent his way are much appreciated. This will be a marathon, rather than a sprint, for his journey and I want to personally thank all of the caring health care workers in the ICU that have been worked so diligently and patiently with and for my brother.

And yet-life goes on and the Earth still spins. That very thought felt incredulous and overwhelming when I returned from SF and found was still here. Groceries still needed to be purchased, as well as school supplies for my children. There was a backlog of emails to answer and had yet to post the two episodes of #GoogleWithMyMom that I had pre-recorded. You can find them both episodes here:

My mom is hanging in there, and has found the same thing with life to be true: it keeps going even when our family has had to shift focus. We will be picking back up with the series next week (she still needs to learn all about #Google) and I hope that the episodes are helpful to anyone that may need/want them. My good friend, Karalee Wong Nakatsuka (@historyfrog), is linking the videos in our her website as parent tutorials. Please share widely and I hope that they help in some way!

Finally, last but NOT least, many thanks to Kyle Anderson (@AndersonEdTech) and Ben Dickson (@BDicksonNV) for having me on #TheBeerEduPodcast! We had a great discussion about #DigCit and #MediaLit, and of! We filmed this one evening after I had flown back into town and before all heck had broken loose with my family. The episode just posted this past weekend and I hope that you will take the time to listen. Both Kyle and Ben are so knowledgable about all things #EdTech and I truly appreciated their generosity and kindness in our conversation. They are RAD educators and you can find the podcast here!

Again, thank you all so much for all of the support and love that has been sent my way! I appreciate you all and I am so very grateful for this platform to share, connect, collaborate and more. Thank you for allowing me to share my life, work, and journey with you.


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