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Exit Tickets for Student Learning (Free Resource)

Exit tickets are great tools to use with students as formative, low-stakes assessments. Not only do they provide great insight into what students have learned, but they also are a space for students to ask questions for clarification. As teachers, exit tickets can help us evaluate our approach to teaching and also reteaching. We can check for student understanding while simultaneously reflecting on our own practices as educators.

I recently read an article from TCEA written by Miguel Guhlin that discusses why exit tickets are powerful for students learning. Guhlin writes that exit tickets not only check for understanding and reflection on learning but also serve as a vehicle for student rehearsal of learning. Guhlin writes "Rehearsal refers to mental techniques for helping us remember information. It can involve many strategies. Those can include memorizing information through repetition. Organize data at random, then repeat the information when prompted with a visual cue. Visual cues can include images, photographs or index cards." (Guhlin, 2021)

Exit tickets are another way that students can utilize mental techniques to remember information in a formative and low-stakes manner. They also provide excellent feedback for teachers to clarify for students important connections to larger learning concepts. Visual cues for rehearsal can be built into exit tickets while simultaneously checking for understanding.

As I am preparing to fly up to Northern California to work with teachers on implementing the CA History-Social Science Framework, I have been reflecting on how exit tickets can inform my practices as an educational trainer and consultant. I created this quick Emoji Exit Ticket to use in the training. I don't know who created the original Emoji Exit Ticket to cite, but I did make this one using Canva. (Teachers: Canva for Education is FREE!!) Feel free to use this exit ticket and share. It is completely FREE under my creative commons license (Use, modify, adapt-but please don't sell).

I would love to share other free exit ticket templates! My goal for 2023 is to amplify student learning through free resources. If you have an exit ticket template to share-send me an email (you can reach me through this website) or you can always find me on Twitter: @Lucykirchh.

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*GIF of Late Night with Seth Meyers courtesy of GIPHY.

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