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What Have You Been Up To Lately?

I don't know about y'all, but this past school year has been a whirlwind for me! I have been looking at my plans for this year and I realized it is already MAY! My goal was to write a blog post once a month, but...yet...

The great thing about goals, you don't have to give up because you didn't reach them the first time around. I am setting new spring goals and here is my new post!

Are you talking about AI in education?

With so much of the focus in education right now on AI, I appreciate the opportunities to have ongoing conversations and resources that include Digital Citizenship into the conversation! DigCit and Media Lit don't change (just like student data privacy laws and concepts) with the latest emerging technology.

Digital Citizenship in the AI Era:

Keeping up with the rapidly changing online world is crucial for students today! That's why I'm spotlighting The Social Institute (TSI). They are focused on helping students create healthy online habits and promoting high-character choices. These skills are essential in the evolving digital world of AI.

What I Love About TSI:

  • Free Webinars & Resources:  They offer expert insights on the most relevant topics affecting kids today.  Even if you miss a live webinar, you can find recordings on their site (

  • One of my favorite new webinars was "Investing in Student Well-Being: Improving School Culture by Huddling with Students." The guest was Dr. Sharon Hoover. Dr. Hoover is the Co-Director of the National Center for School Mental Health and the Director of the Center for Safe and Supportive Schools. She covered important topics to help focus on student well-being as being crucial for the upcoming school year. Dr. Hoover also gave practical huddling strategies to improve student success and promote a positive school culture, and student well-being. She had so many insights and I love the tools that were shared for schools to assess how they are meeting the mental health needs of their students. This was a fantastic conversation and I highly recommend watching it on demand!

  • TSI has Programs for Every Need: 

  • "Win-At-Social" for timely lessons on trending social issues.

  • Comprehensive lesson plans for grades 3-12 on modern life skills-yep, this includes what kids need to know as the digital world is changing rapidly!

  • Data-driven insights into student well-being for school leaders.

  • Family toolkits for sharing expert guidance for a healthy digital home life-as a mom of teenagers-this is SO IMPORTANT for me.

  • Engaging presentations for students, parents, and educators.

The Bottom Line for TSI (for now)

TSI has been a game-changer, helping our students navigate the digital landscape responsibly. If you're an educator, parent, or simply interested in digital citizenship,  explore what they have to offer. These resources will empower the next generation to use technology wisely and ethically – a must-have skillset in the age of AI.

What resources do you use or go to for resources, webinars, and data-driven insights for DigCit? I would love to gather more resources and ideas to share. Please email me or leave in the comments.

Circling Back with Goals:

So...I am back working on my goals and I am looking forward to getting back to writing this blog and sharing resources with everyone. While it has been a minute since I have written...I am okay with that!  Life gets lifey, but the important part is recognizing where we can improve and picking ourselves up again. That's the power of goals: I am working on not perfection, but progress. Let's tackle the rest of spring together! What are YOUR new goals? Share them in the comments!


image credit: AI-generated from Wix

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